Saturday, 19 February 2011

               love is a bridge between two hearts.

long time, no blog.

hey bloooooggers, sorry its been a loooooong time since i laast had a moan to you all. but i'll just tell you a few little pieces of my lush last few days. they actually have been fabby! my boyfriend <3 honestly he's totally peerfect, just wanna be with him all the time. well its was valentines day & he made me theee most special card ever, he made it himself! with pictures and drawings and words that mean so much to me! wowzers i just loved it. meal which is going to be superrrrrrrr cute! so basically this blog is just about how much he means to me & i really dont know what i would do without him! :')

i got him a card that said... 'first you caught my eye, then you caught my heart' which is pretty true tbh. he really is so special to me + i don't think he realises! :) anyway gotta go as im in a rush just thought i would pop by and keep my blogg updated! keep calm & carry on. xx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

thursday you were very kind too me.

hi prettys, so i'm just gonna rant to you about my day. it started off with me having an earlyish wake up call from gran, half 7? realllllyy wern't happy with her seen as we have 2 days off school, which im v.v.v.v happy with :) her quote was 'the early bird catches the first worm' yeah but am i a bird that wants to catch a worm? thats what i thought. then i went round to my homies house which i totally am in love with, its like something you would find in a famous persons house, its totally lush. mmmm so then we kinda decided to what were best at chillin' for a good few hours, which i enjoyed :) was pretty decent like, followed by a walk into town, first stop of many at heron.. oh dear lets not repeat what happened, was very scary. then second issue of town, nearly got pooped on by a seagull i swear them birds should wear nappies or something! then we got back too go swimming, got there everything was pretty decent then thing 1& 2 walked in omgomgomgomg. yeah nuff' of that, got back to go and watch corey & jess in there dance comp, they won which was a result! end of the night and im just laid in bed with my jesss watching freaky friday, lovely day :) p.s my boyf sets back too england tomorrow night! yeeeeey things are looking up. keep calm + carry on xx

these are a few of my favourite things..

 like if you reaaaally like this!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

hi wednesday.

hey blogggerss! sorry i didn't have time to upload a blog yesterday as i was a very busy bee, hehe anyways i have some right banter for you, so went too school was early which was a suprise to everyone i think, i had like 10 minutes to spare which was deffs unusual..& yeah had this meeting in s3 mmm thought it was gonna be a load of rubbish tbh, but walked in was like police and everything, was deffs shaking in my boots it was about internet safety? hmmm apparently looking through all our profiles :( unhappy bunny i am right now. lifes shit. hate it. everything is rubbish. BLEEURGH. so im definatley looking forward too a good few days with my homie jess, i can't wait (: mmmm.. sorry that my blog today isnt very interesting as im just not feeling it today, tired, miserable and moody.. not good combinations, im usually bubbly & exciting, sorry you lovely people. mmm so yeah i was thinking i am going to do my blog up tonight alll loveeeely and special hehe but it takes alot of effort & patience mmmm might give it ago though! i'm pretty stresseddd also, health and social got loads more assignments today its pretttty annoying :( and in such a short space of time! arrrrrrrggh. anyway beautiful girliesss & boysiessss im going to upload you some pictures and i'll mebs do you another blog later if i have any gossip! :) keep calm and carry on. xx

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

rub eye monday.

As you can tell mondays arent cool. I just hate waking up knowin i have literally 20 mins to get ready for schoo. you're probably thinking why is this blog called rub eye monday well basically, don't wear any mascara on a monday and just rub you're eyes all day long... mmmm :)  today i spent most of my day with jarface, beautiful. She is like the sister i never had we just like chilled in drama, and did like nothing although my speech was quite emotional... ey guys? :) Hi Grace, this bits for you - so like we got put in groups.. real fun actually the banter was outrageous balls of steel becki & overachiever charlotte..know what im sayinggg? me & gracie pops didnt know where to look! hehe anyways onto the rest of my day, was kinda depressing really not having my boyf waiting for me everywhere, miss his cutiieee face.... argh. Saturday hurry please? anyway im still trying to work this blogging thing like pics + stuff? wowzers at cats rings. that girl must have patience! mmm.. maths today was pretty decent actually.. spesh mr b... wow! he made a right joke today, surprisingly i was the only one that found it funny? hmm. things that have pissed me off today, well just that i have to wait another 5 DAYS til smi's back.. nightmare. what could i do to pass time any suggestions? also any suggestions on me having my hair chocolate brown, full fringe and cut a little? :) so yeah nice end to the day, brindles room smelt fresh.. massive N. a whole hour of chatting shit just what i needed to top my rub eye monday off. Overall i have had a really shitty day and i realllllyyyyy want snugs of my boy. anyway keep calm & carry on.. xx

Sunday, 6 February 2011

its sunday.

sunday, the day i made my blog. well as you all know sundays are just rubbish 'the day of rest' yeah well all people do is sleep & eat dinner. its so boring, plus im kinda most defo missing my boyf right now, we always spend weekends together but as i told you already he pissed of too Austria without me. im kinda feeling stressed atm with all my coursework, exams and just friend stuff really its all just bleeeeeergh. blogging really helps just lets you give out all you're emotions and tbh by the end of it makes me feel alot better, so this is my second blog of the day.. mebs gonna get abit addicted. i'm feeling pretty tiredd now im hoping this week will fly by and he'll be home sooner than i know it :) & of course abs. she's such a cutieeee the way she gets so confused in maths and throws a little tantrum, and tabs. i miss her also cos like we have competitions (not gonna say what of) which are cool & shes just bangtidy. erm so its like 5:40 and im feeling peckish mmm what to have? crisps is a possibility, i like crisps if you dont know me i have quite an obsession they are delicious. anyway i really need to get this coursework done so, take care :) xx