Wednesday, 9 February 2011

hi wednesday.

hey blogggerss! sorry i didn't have time to upload a blog yesterday as i was a very busy bee, hehe anyways i have some right banter for you, so went too school was early which was a suprise to everyone i think, i had like 10 minutes to spare which was deffs unusual..& yeah had this meeting in s3 mmm thought it was gonna be a load of rubbish tbh, but walked in was like police and everything, was deffs shaking in my boots it was about internet safety? hmmm apparently looking through all our profiles :( unhappy bunny i am right now. lifes shit. hate it. everything is rubbish. BLEEURGH. so im definatley looking forward too a good few days with my homie jess, i can't wait (: mmmm.. sorry that my blog today isnt very interesting as im just not feeling it today, tired, miserable and moody.. not good combinations, im usually bubbly & exciting, sorry you lovely people. mmm so yeah i was thinking i am going to do my blog up tonight alll loveeeely and special hehe but it takes alot of effort & patience mmmm might give it ago though! i'm pretty stresseddd also, health and social got loads more assignments today its pretttty annoying :( and in such a short space of time! arrrrrrrggh. anyway beautiful girliesss & boysiessss im going to upload you some pictures and i'll mebs do you another blog later if i have any gossip! :) keep calm and carry on. xx

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  1. thats my baby girl cheer up hunnie two days of bliss to look forward too :) xx