Thursday, 10 February 2011

thursday you were very kind too me.

hi prettys, so i'm just gonna rant to you about my day. it started off with me having an earlyish wake up call from gran, half 7? realllllyy wern't happy with her seen as we have 2 days off school, which im v.v.v.v happy with :) her quote was 'the early bird catches the first worm' yeah but am i a bird that wants to catch a worm? thats what i thought. then i went round to my homies house which i totally am in love with, its like something you would find in a famous persons house, its totally lush. mmmm so then we kinda decided to what were best at chillin' for a good few hours, which i enjoyed :) was pretty decent like, followed by a walk into town, first stop of many at heron.. oh dear lets not repeat what happened, was very scary. then second issue of town, nearly got pooped on by a seagull i swear them birds should wear nappies or something! then we got back too go swimming, got there everything was pretty decent then thing 1& 2 walked in omgomgomgomg. yeah nuff' of that, got back to go and watch corey & jess in there dance comp, they won which was a result! end of the night and im just laid in bed with my jesss watching freaky friday, lovely day :) p.s my boyf sets back too england tomorrow night! yeeeeey things are looking up. keep calm + carry on xx

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