Sunday, 6 February 2011

deffs blogging.

Woah im blogging? Well i thought seen as though i spend most of my maths lessons listening to abby & cat talking about blogging i should give it ago, yeah i know i should really be listening to maths but even if i tried i get like distracted by my teacher he's like totally lush. He like gets down to eye level and everything, he's special. Anyway my day so far has consisted of chilling and eating and a little crying? you see I really enjoy too chill its like a really cool thing to do, and i like cool things i also like cute things. not sure why but i do. Eating is like my fave hobby.. just generally all i do. Well crying is another story, im just like feeling sorry for myself as my boyf has left me too travel all the way to Austria for a week to boss some slopes? Not cool. Yeah i know im sad for crying over him but hes kinda special and i do love him lotsies, hope he doesnt see this. Mmm yeah i can just smell grannies cooking.. mmm deffs the best cooker, sunday dinner what more could i want? Also cat if you read this, i hope you're proud i'm so gonna be addicted like you.


  1. hehehe what do you think of my first ever blog then sweet thing?

  2. i think its bang tidy if im honest cool chicken :) xx