Saturday, 19 February 2011

long time, no blog.

hey bloooooggers, sorry its been a loooooong time since i laast had a moan to you all. but i'll just tell you a few little pieces of my lush last few days. they actually have been fabby! my boyfriend <3 honestly he's totally peerfect, just wanna be with him all the time. well its was valentines day & he made me theee most special card ever, he made it himself! with pictures and drawings and words that mean so much to me! wowzers i just loved it. meal which is going to be superrrrrrrr cute! so basically this blog is just about how much he means to me & i really dont know what i would do without him! :')

i got him a card that said... 'first you caught my eye, then you caught my heart' which is pretty true tbh. he really is so special to me + i don't think he realises! :) anyway gotta go as im in a rush just thought i would pop by and keep my blogg updated! keep calm & carry on. xx

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