Tuesday, 8 February 2011

rub eye monday.

As you can tell mondays arent cool. I just hate waking up knowin i have literally 20 mins to get ready for schoo. you're probably thinking why is this blog called rub eye monday well basically, don't wear any mascara on a monday and just rub you're eyes all day long... mmmm :)  today i spent most of my day with jarface, beautiful. She is like the sister i never had we just like chilled in drama, and did like nothing although my speech was quite emotional... ey guys? :) Hi Grace, this bits for you - so like we got put in groups.. real fun actually the banter was outrageous balls of steel becki & overachiever charlotte..know what im sayinggg? me & gracie pops didnt know where to look! hehe anyways onto the rest of my day, was kinda depressing really not having my boyf waiting for me everywhere, miss his cutiieee face.... argh. Saturday hurry please? anyway im still trying to work this blogging thing like pics + stuff? wowzers at cats rings. that girl must have patience! mmm.. maths today was pretty decent actually.. spesh mr b... wow! he made a right joke today, surprisingly i was the only one that found it funny? hmm. things that have pissed me off today, well just that i have to wait another 5 DAYS til smi's back.. nightmare. what could i do to pass time any suggestions? also any suggestions on me having my hair chocolate brown, full fringe and cut a little? :) so yeah nice end to the day, brindles room smelt fresh.. massive N. a whole hour of chatting shit just what i needed to top my rub eye monday off. Overall i have had a really shitty day and i realllllyyyyy want snugs of my boy. anyway keep calm & carry on.. xx

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