Sunday, 6 February 2011

its sunday.

sunday, the day i made my blog. well as you all know sundays are just rubbish 'the day of rest' yeah well all people do is sleep & eat dinner. its so boring, plus im kinda most defo missing my boyf right now, we always spend weekends together but as i told you already he pissed of too Austria without me. im kinda feeling stressed atm with all my coursework, exams and just friend stuff really its all just bleeeeeergh. blogging really helps just lets you give out all you're emotions and tbh by the end of it makes me feel alot better, so this is my second blog of the day.. mebs gonna get abit addicted. i'm feeling pretty tiredd now im hoping this week will fly by and he'll be home sooner than i know it :) & of course abs. she's such a cutieeee the way she gets so confused in maths and throws a little tantrum, and tabs. i miss her also cos like we have competitions (not gonna say what of) which are cool & shes just bangtidy. erm so its like 5:40 and im feeling peckish mmm what to have? crisps is a possibility, i like crisps if you dont know me i have quite an obsession they are delicious. anyway i really need to get this coursework done so, take care :) xx

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